Sown, Grown, Delivered

Providing exceptional fresh produce to the hospitality industry

Ensuring our produce is premium, 100% of the time, is at the heart of our business.

Our clients take the care to hand pick us as their supplier – we, in return, take meticulous care of the produce we grow and supply to them.

From crop to kitchen, as quickly as possible

We work in partnership with you to carefully plan your requirements – Crop to Kitchen’s team of horticulturists will grow specific items on our own site or, depending on the requested produce, we will source from our trusted growers and farms. Essentially, when we grow for you, your kitchen ‘owns’ its own crops, allowing you to be involved in the nurturing and growing of bespoke products for your own kitchen. This direct link from our farms to your kitchen means tailored produce can be delivered direct within hours of being harvested.

More than standard produce

We pride ourselves on keeping abreast of the latest food trends and can advise on the best times/seasons to incorporate new ingredients into your menus. To offer a rounded supply, we are also able to offer premium prepared produce and a range of high-quality dairy products.

Green deliveries

As a business, we are highly conscious of environmental concerns and impact. All orders are delivered in our own reusable crates and we eliminate all unnecessary plastic packaging when sourcing and delivering. Growing produce on site helps to reduce food miles and, if we source from local farms, we backhaul produce to get the most benefit from the delivery vehicle.

Our business is growing

We currently service the hospitality industry in London and the Home Counties from our base in Berkshire, with plans to expand our reach in the near future.